Alone British home deliveries will produce 429’000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions due to Black Friday. This is equal to 435 return flights from London to New York. These are just the numbers for one single country.

Black Friday stands for mass consumption. However, we need to move towards a circular economy, where products aren’t just bought, used for a short period of time, and discarded only to be replaced with new products. 



 Around 50 million shipments will be made corresponding to the purchases of Black Friday. This is a 30% increase from 2019. You can imagine the amount of packaging these shipments require. 


We don’t do Black Fridays because we stand for reasoned and responsible consumption. 


Our products are not worth less just because it is Black Friday. We still have the same production and marketing cost and there are still people behind each product you can buy. Our products and everyone involved have a worth and we don’t sell it for less.  We don’t add a high margin to our products just to be able to sell it for less on certain occasions. Or even worse, produce our products so cheap that an ethical production process is not possible. 


We ask you to think before you shop and only invest in products that you will wear for a long period of time. Consider which Black Friday sales you take part in. Support small, high-quality and or sustainable labels. 

November 23, 2021

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