LEGEND MASK - Beyond Black

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  • 100% Organic Cotton. Because our beautiful faces deserve nothing less. 
  • Skin-Friendly. Our mask is gentle to the skin and you won’t experience any major breakouts. Just make sure to wash your masks regularly.
  • Soft-touch. A mask should be soft as you have to wear it for many hours. We want those hours to be as comfortable as possible for you.
  • Reflective Details. Because you deserve to be seen in the dark.
  • Elastic Ear Bands. This as well will make the experience of wearing our  LEGEND MASK even more comfortable for you.

Masks are a part of our lives now. If we like it or not. As we ALL need to wear them, why not the LEGEND MASK that represents what we all think? F!#k off to this crazy situation.
Seriously, the LEGEND MASK will want you to wear a mask even when you don't have to!


100% organic cotton

Please note: Our LEGEND MASKS can not be returned.



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