what we stand for

The vision of Kern Beyond was born in 2018.

Our founder Carina Kern studied tailoring and fashion design for eight years. After graduating from London College of Fashion and gaining some experience in the fashion industry she felt like not doing enough. Carina experienced first hand how toxic the fashion industry is and the importance of founding a brand that does things differently. 

The future of fashion needs to change. Fashion is great and our passion, but for us, it's about the "HOW". How fashion is made, consumed and distributed.

f#!k off with love

The KERN BEYOND Middle Finger should not be vulgar. On the contrary, it's a symbol. We are loud and stand for what we believe in. We give the opportunity to say f#!k off when it has to be said. We provide the platform to transmit messages and say what we and others think. We transform f#!k off into something positive, something that transmits power and strength, a statement.

◎F#!k off to fast fashion
◎F#!k off to mass consumption
◎F#!k off to people who have no respect. 

Our Packaging

THE KERN BEYOND PACKAGING is a biodegradable shipping bag from renewable sources. Our brand is about our product and not unnecessary packaging material in form of a box, tissue paper, flyers and so on. However, we still think our mailing bags look exquisite and fit our brand and message perfectly. We just tried to take another approach to the whole fancy packaging saga. We strongly believe that we need to be aware of our actions and try our best every day in everything we do.

Our shipping bags are:
◎ biodegradable 
◎ weight reduced
◎ plastic free
◎ ...