LEGEND HOOD V2 - Beyond Black

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(only compatible with The LEGEND HOODIE V2!)

With our V2 products, you are finally able to create your own sustainable legend style! You can choose which colour hood you want to have with your LEGEND HOODIE V2. In addition, you can buy the LEGEND HOODS V2 separately! If you can not choose what colour hood you want to have just get them both!

  • You can exchange all hoods with all hoodie sizes. Mix them up! Plus how annoying when you want to wear a hoodie but it’s too cold outside to not wear a scarf. We all know that both together don’t work well. That’s when you will want to remove your hood. Amazing right??
  • Reflective details. Because you deserve to be seen in the dark.
  • Sustainably made in Portugal. We focus on sustainable quality rather than quantity.

35% recycled PET, 65% organic cotton