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Due to the current situation with the mutated Covid, we will be back in stock soon. Our LEGEND HOODIE is stored in the UK and cannot be shipped until customs reopens. 
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The LEGEND HOODIE is sold out! This is a SAMPLE SALE.

The KERN BEYOND LEGEND HOODIE solves problems and offers variety within comfort and style.

What makes the LEGEND HOODIE legendary:

  • Adjustable elastic in waistband for individual width and length. Because we all have different needs.
  • Removable hood! You have a Hoodie and a Sweatshirt in one.
  • You can exchange all hoods with all Hoodie sizes. Mix them up! Plus how annoying when you want to wear a hoodie but it’s too cold outside to not wear a scarf. We all know that both together don’t work well. That’s when you will want to remove your hood. Amazing right??
  • Reflective Details. Because you deserve to be seen in the dark.
  • Wide neckline for better look and comfort. We all have those Hoodies you can barely pull over your head. Don’t worry we got you covered.
  • Collection colors will not be restocked. For us, you are special not a copy of a few thousand.
  • The best thing: 13€ of our LEGEND HOODIE sales go to a good cause. Just because sometimes everyone needs help from time to time.


We produce in Europe, and we focus on quality rather than quantity. The KERN BEYOND LEGEND HOODIE was developed over several months to get this high-quality design product.

We want to change something and not look the other way.