The vision of Kern Beyond was born in 2018.

Our founder Carina Kern studied tailoring and fashion design for eight years in total. After graduating from London College of Fashion and gaining some experience in the fashion industry she felt like not doing enough. Carina experienced first hand how toxic the fashion industry is and the importance of founding a brand that does things differently. 

The future of fashion needs to change. Fashion is great and our passion, but for us, it's about the "HOW". How fashion is made, consumed and distributed.

Mass-consumption, fast fashion, seasonal trends and the impact on the environment are all reasons why Kern Beyond was born.The world is in no need of another regular luxury streetwear brand. It needs people who want to change something together and make this world a little better.

All products are developed in Switzerland and sustainably produced in Porto/ Portugal. We only use materials such as recycled PET bottles from the oceans and recycled or certificated organic cotton. The products are shipped in a biodegradable mailing bag. 3€ per order go to a good cause. With every purchase, you are giving!

Our products are not just for one season, we design them to bring you joy for many years. We stand for versatile, high-end, sustainable pieces with some exquisite key features. Such as an exchangeable hood, adjustable length, reflective details and much more. 

Kern Beyond should be a place you can shop high-quality pieces without having any regrets. We try to take each step as sustainably as possible and work with our designs and key features against mass consumption and fast fashion.