Plastik Pollution

We would like to give you a few facts about the packaging waste in the fashion industry and what we at Kern Beyond do about this matter now and in the future. 

Kern Beyond takes this matter very seriously as packaging takes up almost a third of all plastic production, with only 14% being recycled. If the fashion industry continues like this the total amount of fashion waste will be around 148 million tonnes by 2030.

We aim to be transparent and will explain to you what we at Kern Beyond already do and what we plan to improve in the near future. 

Your order is shipped in a biodegradable shipping bag and the products come without a poly bag. 

Our shipping bags are:

  • biodegradable 
  • weight reduced
  • plastic free
  • made from renewable sources
  • compostable 
  • local produced 

What we will improve:

  • ATM our thank you cards are normal paper. We are looking for a sustainable alternative.
  • Our hangtags as well are not sustainable ATM. This will be changed with our next production. 
  • Our products will be packed in an eco-friendly poly bag alternative with our next production. A very exciting alternative! ATM the products are shipped without any kind of bag inside our shipping bag. 

Fashion of course is our passion and giving up shopping to reduce our environmental footprint is like giving up chocolate. Almost impossible! This is why we try our very best to give you the opportunity to consume fashion without hurting the environment. This starts with our packaging and goes beyond!

We still have a long way to go, however we are on the right path and will always try to improve, learn and share our process.

February 26, 2021

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