The Impact of PET Bottles

This is a very urgent matter which has to be taken seriously. Kern Beyond tries to be a part of the solution and aims to be a platform that shares information about matters we are passionate about and need to be addressed.

Let us give you just a few facts about PET bottles and the impact they have on our environment. 

By 2050 the pollution of fish will be outnumbered by the plastic we dump in the ocean. At this time around 5m to 13m tonnes of plastic leaks into our beautiful oceans each year. We do not only harm the environment, we as well harm ourselves. Experts warn that some of the plastic we dump in the oceans is already finding its way into the human food chain

We would like to give you some numbers to show the extent of this.  

We ourselves are far from perfect and have a long way to go. However, we try our best to be a part of the solution. We at Kern Beyond want to offer you the chance to be a part of the solution by investing in a hoodie made of recycled PET from the ocean and organic cotton. Something has to change and we all have to start today rather than tomorrow. 

 What we all can do:

  • Recycle all PET bottles
  • Use reusable bottles
  • Buy glass bottles and as well reuse them 
  • Just be mindful when consuming plastic. Often there are alternatives. 
Below you can find some numbers about our products. We want you to know what you spent your money on.
  • We recycle around 7.41 PET bottles for each hoodie.
  • Producing 1 kg of this fabric saves 3.462 M3 of CO2 and 13.23 KWH of energy.

Now, imagine what we can change with your support. Be a part of the solution now! 

F#!k off to PET bottles in the world’s oceans! 


February 11, 2021

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